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  • Everlast Power I-Tig 200 Tig Welder

Everlast Power I-Tig 200 Tig Welder


Product Description

Everlast Power I-Tig 200 Tig Welder

Features & Benefits
Stable, smooth arc characteristics with good puddle wet in.
Portable and lightweight with industrial capability.
Adjustable weld parameters for 2t/4t operation.
Pulse function increases weld quality while reducing overall heat input.
Easy to connect torch and accessories allow quick setup.
Connect to clean power generator for "go anywhere" capabilities.
Digital readout for accurate setting of amperage controls.
Color coded controls are easy to find and understand.
Ergonomic styled torch and accessories.
Suitable for use with 6800 W "clean power" generators.

Model PIT200
Over Current Warning - yes
Voltage - 240V 1 PHASE
Max Start Input Amps - 27.5A @ 240V
Max Running Amps - 22A @ 240V
TIG (GTAW) Amps/Volts @ Duty Cycle
-200A, 18V @ 35%
-160A, 16.4V @ 60%
-130A, 15.2V @ 100%
Start Amps(Initial) - no
End Amps(Final) - no
Arc Force Control(DIG) - no
Up Slope Timer - yes
Down Slope Timer - 0-5 s
Spot Timer - no
Pulse Frequency Control - .5-25 Hz
Pulse Time On(Width) - 10-90%
Pulse Amp Ratio - 5-200 A
Lift Start Tig - no
High Frequency Start - yes
4t/2t Remote - yes
AC Frequency Control - no
AC Balance Control - no
AC Square Wave(Aluminium) - no
Pre-Gas Flow Timer - no
Post Flow Timer - 5/10 second selector
Stick (SMAW) Amps/Volts @ Duty Cycle
- 160A, 26.4V @ 35%
- 130A, 25.2V @ 60%
- 100A, 24V @ 100%
Shipping Weight 25kg

Recommended Areas Of Use
Welding Repair
Motorsports/ Automotive
Commercial maintenance
Fabrication/machine shops
Shipyard/pipeline industry

Standard Equipment
Gas-cooled TIG torch with 4 metre cable
Work clamp with cable
SMAW electrode holder
Consumable starter pack
Argon regulator (side entry)

Optional Equipment
Water cooler
Welding cart
Welding helmet
Consumables kit
Foot pedal (foot pedal is not included as part of the I-TIG 200 basic package. Must be purchased separately)
Deluxe, WP9 flex-neck TIG torch 4 metre and 8 metre (check availability - substitution possible at additional cost)
NEW! FINGER AMP CONTROL SR18 and SR26 TORCH. Check availability.

Recommended Metals
Stainless Steel
Copper/nickel alloys

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