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  • Everlast PowerPro 236 Tig, Plasma, Stick & Arc Welder

Everlast PowerPro 236 Tig, Plasma, Stick & Arc Welder


Product Description

Everlast PowerPro 236 Tig, Plasma, Stick & Arc Welder

The new PowerPro 236, from Everlast is a TIG/Stick AC/DC Pulse welding and plasma cutting multi process unit that is an economical solution to purchasing separate welding and cutting units.

It is a single phase version of the 3 phase PowerPro 256 with a slightly reduced maximum amperage.
Though one would think that features or performance would have to be compromised to fit them into a single unit, this is not the case.
With a full 230 amps welding and 60 amps cutting power, the compact inverter easily handles the demands of the multi task requirements of such a machine.
The IGBT module takes the IGBT inverter platform to the next level in performance and reliability. As far as the TIG features go, the unit competes head to head in performance and quality.
Easy arc starting and smooth stable arc, AC/DC Pulse and the panel-controlled features make this an excellent TIG welder. Stick performance is quite surprising as well.
With adjustable arc force control, also known as dig, the PowerPro 236 dutifully doles out 200 amps of Stick (SMAW) welding power. The built in 60 amp plasma cutter makes it completely unnecessary to drag additional equipment around the job site or garage. This allows the unit to expertly sever almost any metal up to 24mm thick. The PowerPro 236 shares the same easy arc starting and stability of all of Everlast's units for truly professional performance.

The all-in-one portability that the PowerPro affords is quite an advantage. Gone are the days of large carts and storage areas, for bulky pieces of equipment. The PowerPro can easily slip under any work table, welding cart or slide into any truck tool box for easy transporting. This makes the PowerPro an ideal solution for portable repair businesses trying to put as much equipment on the truck as possible with limited space. Easily run off of many larger welding generators the PowerPro 236 makes quick work of any portable TIG job whether it's steel, stainless or aluminium without the need for expensive High Frequency boxes and special equipment. With a fairly quick turnaround the unit can be changed over to cutting the same material it is welding.

If you are a home hobbyist or a small fabricator, the PowerPro is an excellent choice as well. With full features and great range of power, the small footprint of this machine makes room for other things in your shop that you need as well. We'd suggest looking at the full features and compare the specifications of the unit to other brands' stand alone units. We think you'll find that the PowerPro 236 offers you a highly competitive level of features, performance and price in a single space saving unit.

Over Current Warning Yes
Voltage 240V 1PH
Max Start Input Amps 35.1A @ 240V
Max Running Amps 21.1A @ 240V
Duty Cycle @ Rated Amps 35% @ 230A
Start Amps(Initial) 0-100A
End Amps(Final) 0-100A
Arc Force Control(DIG) yes
Up Slope Timer 0-10 s
Down Slope Timer 0-10 s
plasma cutter (pac) 60 A
Pulse Frequency Control .2-500 Hz
Pulse Time On(Width) 10
Pulse Amp Ratio 5-95%
Lift Start Tig No
High Frequency Start Yes
4t/2t Remote Yes
AC Frequency Control 10-90%
AC Balance Control 20-250Hz
AC Square Wave(Aluminium) Yes
Pre-Gas Flow Timer 0-10 s
Post Flow Timer 0-25 s
Stick(Smaw) 5-200A
Shipping Weight 48 kg

Features & Benefits
All-in-one portability
Compact, yet powerful TIG welding/Plasma cutting features
Easy to use controls with simple selector switch for process changeover
Quick change out of torches for easy change from TIG to plasma back to TIG
Low power consumption due to inverter design
High duty cycle at rated amperages for TIG/Stick/Plasma
Over Current indicator warns when duty cycle has been exceeded
Clean and smooth plasma cuts on virtually any metal
Weld almost any metal.
Exceptional arc stability for TIG/Stick functions

Recommended Areas Of Use
For use in areas where multiple processes are required for on-the-spot repairs or fabrication in shops or home garages.
Typically many motorsports enthusiast like to carry these units to the track for convenient and quick high quality repairs.
It is also an excellent choice for the person or business with space limitations or the portable repair business as both plasma cutter and welder are contained in one unit, reducing need to carry or store two or more units.

Standard Equipment
TIG torch and cable.
Foot Pedal
Consumable Starter Kit
Argon Regulator
Air Pressure Regulator
Air Pressure Gauge
Water Trap/Filter (Not a dryer! Separate dryer must be supplied by customer for best results.)
300 Amp electrode holder with cable
Plasma Cutting Torch

Optional Equipment
Water cooler
Welding helmet with special #7 shade for cutting with up to #15 shade for TIG
Welding cart
Consumable Kit

Recommended Metals
Virtually all metals, including aluminium, copper, stainless steel, titanium (Exception: Power Ultra, no AC/aluminium capability)

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