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  • Everlast PowerTig 185-TS Tig Welder

Everlast PowerTig 185-TS Tig Welder


Product Description

Everlast PowerTig 185-TS Tig Welder

Still the most economical way
into quality ACDC TIG

Power TIG 185 CC IGBT inverter: 185 amp AC/DC TIG welder with adjustable AC balance and AC frequency.

Processes: GTAW/SMAW

IMPORTANT PRODUCT NOTE: Foot Pedal is optional. Foot pedal controls the full range of amps only (approx 5-185A DC or 20-185A AC). The foot pedal is not controlled or limited by the panel amp adjustment. 2T Torch switch function offers panel limitation of amps.

Features & Benefits
Easy low amp 5 amp start DC, 20 amp AC.
Compact inverter design makes it one of the lightest and smallest AC/DC IGBT based inverter welders in its class.
Simple and easy to use controls allow any user to make high quality welds.
Smooth stable arc in DC or AC with excellent wet in.
Automatic pre-flow and post-flow greatly simplify setup and operation.
Digital readout for precise control of welding amps in 2T mode.
2T Function with the torch switch or the optional foot pedal gives operator choices in out of position welding situations.
DINSE 25/50 style connectors allow easy adaptation of aftermarket torches and quick setup.
No hardwired torch or work clamp improve portability and make it truly portable.
True Square wave inverter AC output makes continuous HF unnecessary.
Same AC frequency and AC balance control range of the PowerTig 250EX.
NEW FEATURE! 150 amp Stick welder.
NEW FEATURE! Lift TIG start in addition to HF start for precise start position in tricky situations.

NOTE: For portable use: Requires a Generator designated as "Clean Power" and capable of a MINIMUM 5000 watts of continuous output. May require higher output, for best results. Operation with generators not designated by the generator manufacturer as "clean power" may void warranty.

Model PT185TS
Over Current Warning - yes
Voltage - 220-240V 1 PHASE
Open Circuit Voltage - 60-70V
Max Start Input Amps - 22.1A@ 240V
Max Running Amps - 13A@ 240V
TIG (GTAW) Amps/Volts @ Duty Cycle
-185A, 17.4V @ 35%
-145A, 15.8V @ 60%
-110A, 14.4V @ 100%
Start Amps(Initial) - 5A DC, 20A AC
End Amps(Final) - no
Arc Force Control(DIG) - no
Up Slope Timer - no
Down Slope Timer - no
Spot Timer - no
Pulse Frequency Control - no
Pulse Time On(Width) - no
Pulse Amp Ratio - no
Lift Start Tig - no
High Frequency Start - yes
4t/2t Remote - 2T or Foot Pedal only
AC Frequency Control - 20-250 Hz
AC Balance Control - 10-90%
AC Square Wave(Aluminium) - yes
Pre-Gas Flow Timer - Auto 0.3 seconds
Post Flow Timer - 0-10 seconds
Stick (SMAW) Amps/Volts @ Duty Cycle
- 150A, 26V @ 35%
- 120A, 24.8V @ 60%
- 90A, 23.6V @ 100%
Shipping Weight 25kg

Recommended Areas Of Use
Commercial/Industrial Maintenance
Fabrication/Machine Shops

Standard Equipment
4m WP-17 or WP-26 Gas-Cooled TIG Torch
Work Clamp
Consumable Starter Pack(Tungsten not included.)
2m input power cable with 15Amp plug fitted
Stick Electrode Holder

Optional Equipment
Foot Pedal
Water Cooler
Welding Helmet
Consumable Kit
Deluxe 4-metre and 8-metre, 9, 17, and 26 torches fixed head and flex-head torches with connectors, complete remote contactor switch for 2T operation. (Subject to availability. No substitution for standard torch. Available as an additional purchase only.)

Recommended Metals
Stainless Steel
Copper/Nickel Alloys
Virtually all metals

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