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  • Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT Tig Welder

Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT Tig Welder


Product Description

Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT Tig Welder

Features & Benefits
Microprocessor control offers precise management of welding parameters and functions.
Portable and Lightweight design offers rugged exterior and a flip down visor to protect panel from sparks and damage.
Offers standard type pulse feature for AC and DC, and a special Advanced Pulse for AC for welding thin material, increasing travel speed and reduces warping.
Can be used with optional finger amp control torch.
Wave form control offers 3 types of wave form for AC welding: Sine Wave, Advanced Square Wave, and Soft Square Wave.
Programmable Memory automatically saves last settings.
Ideal for generator use with a Power Factor Correction (PFC) of greater than 99%.
HF or Lift Arc capability in AC or DC modes.
Offers programmable Stick functions which include hot start time, hot start intensity and arc force control.
NOTE: For generator use, this welder requires a Minimum of 6,500 watts of continuous output with a generator with a sine wave output.

Input Voltage/Hz/Phase 220/240V 50/60 Hz 1phase
Max Inrush Amps 33A
Max Input Operating Amps 26A
Power Factor Correction 99%
Efficiency 85%
IGBT Type International Rectifier (IR) Module
TIG Output Amps 5 to 210A DC; 10 to 210A AC
Stick Output Amps 10 to 160A
Duty Cycle @ Rated Amps 40% @ 210A
Wave Form Control Yes, Sine, Advanced Square, Soft Square
Amplitude Adjustment (AC) No
AC Frequency 15 to 200 Hz
AC Balance -30 to +30% (20-80% of EP)
Tig Start Type Lift and HF start (solid state)
Pulse Type Standard (for AC and DC use)
Advanced (for AC use only)
Pulse Frequency DC .5 to 500 Hz AC .5 to 10 Hz
Pulse Time On % ( Pulse Width/Balance) 20 to 80%
Pulse Amp (base) Adjustment 1 to 99% of Welding Amps
Pre-Flow Time .1 to 9.9 seconds
Post-Flow Time 0 to 25 seconds
Start Amps 1 to 100% of welding Amps
End Amps 1 to 100% of welding Amps
Up Slope 0 to 10 seconds
Down Slope 0 to 25 seconds
Voltage Reduction Device (Stick) Yes
Adjustable Hot Start Amps (Stick) Yes
Adjustable Hot Start Time (Stick) .5 to 5 seconds
Adjustable Arc Force Control (Stick) 0 to 100%
Adjustable HF Start Frequency Yes
Adjustable HF Start Amps Yes
Adjustable HF Start Time Yes, .5 to 5 seconds
Adjustable Lift Start Amps Yes
2T/4T Torch Control Yes

Recommended Areas Of Use
Field work with generator
Light fabrication
Architectural stainless
Schools and Colleges
Demanding home user

Standard Equipment
4 metre Gas-cooled SR 26 TIG torch with spare consumables
Arc Welding Electrode Holder
Work Clamp
2 metre mains cable

Optional Equipment
Foot Pedal
Argon Regulator (Side- or Top-Entry)
Water Cooler and Water-cooled torches
Welding helmet
Consumable kit
Deluxe Series Torches: WP9, 17, 18, 20, 26 Flex head torch. Available in 4m or 8 metre.
NEW! 17 series Finger amp Control Torch. 4 metre

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